Hongyi Precision lndustry, as a typical manufacturing enterprise, is forging ahead on the path of digital lean production. At presentthe MES production management system has been fully deployed in the plant, and the ERP system has been upgraded comprehenrsively in order to intearate business and finance. At present, it has achieved the synchronization of real-time data transmission betweerMES and ERP, The company has reached a three-year strategic cooperation with Abrain, a well-known lean digital service providerand cooperated with China Telecom to become a benchmark inteligent factory in the coming three years.


      In order to achieve the goals of "carbon peak" in 2030 and "carbon neutralization' in 2060, Hongyi Precision lndustry is actively explorinthe feld of energy saving and emisson reduction. The company has installed an online energy monitoring system to fully monitor thecompanys eneray consumption. n 2022, the company has passed the cleaner production audit and has realzed the waste heat recovenof all natural cas furnaces. n 2024. all factories of Honay Precision lndustry will achieve photovoltaic power generation coveraoe. Solaeneroy, as a renewable oreen eneray source, will areatly reduce the carbon emissions of enterprise. ln the future,Honayi Precision lndusTry wll contnue to adhere to sustainable busness poices. reducng emissions of waste cas, wastewater, and oreenhouse oases whieconserving eneray and producing efficiently.

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